vince young

*Vince Young was a college superstar who had everything going for him in 2006, but things didn’t go initially as planned.

Young led the Texas Longhorns to a massive win over USC in the Rose Bowl for the national championship. He thought that was enough to secure him a spot with the Houston Texans

He was wrong. After leaving college before his senior year, the Texans decided to go with defensive end Mario Williams.

Instead of being a No. 1 pick, he was No. 3 and drafted by the Tennessee Titans where he had a disappointing NFL career.

But if he had known the Texans would pass on him, he would’ve remained a Longhorn.

“The Texans had the No. 1 pick, that was the place I wanted to play at,” Young said. “I wish they would’ve told me that they weren’t picking me because I would’ve stayed in for my senior year. But it didn’t happen like that.”

Nevertheless, the Longhorns were just fine without Young. They had Colt McCoy as the new star quarterback.

But many fans feel Young could’ve gotten the Longhorns another national title and made the team a Heisman winner.

Recently, Young was hired by the university in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.