Chris Brown hosts a pre-VMA party at 1Oak in West Hollywood

Chris Brown hosts a pre-VMA party at 1Oak in West Hollywood

*TMZ is reporting that the man who shot Suge Knight and two others at a pre-VMA party early Sunday was captured on video, but so far the eyewitnesses are not talking.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the venue, 1Oak on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, has a sophisticated surveillance system that covers almost the entire club, and at least one of the cameras clearly shows the gunman firing the shots. The source says the shooter’s facial features are clear enough to make out.

According to TMZ, cops are zeroing in on gang rivalry as a motive. Suge and the evening’s host Chris Brown — who were inside the club — make no secret of their Bloods affiliation, TMZ reports, adding that The Game — who was denied entry — “also wears his Bloods affiliation on his sleeve.”

Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Biddle said Monday that investigators believe as many as 20 people witnessed the gunfire, but no potential witnesses have come forward.

“We’re told none of the witnesses want to be the person who fingers the gunman — for obvious reasons,” TMZ reported. “We’re told cops still have others to interview — including Suge, who is currently sedated.”

Knight and the two other victims were taken to a hospital for treatment and are expected to survive.

Below, shots are fired at the VMA pre-party early Sunday morning. Click here to view on your mobile device.