ryan reilly arrest

Ryan Reilly, HuffingtonPost reporter being arrested in Ferguson, MO (Photo credit: Robert Cohen / St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

*Wow, things in Ferguson, Missouri have taken another interesting turn to say the least.

The local gestapo, er, police can’t say they aren’t being over aggressive, what with their military occupation appearance of the community. They may have even overplayed their hand on Wednesday by arresting 2 white reporters from two very large and powerful news organizations, the Washington Post and the Huffington Post which filed this report:

The Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly and the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery were arrested Wednesday evening while covering the protests in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a police officer last week. The journalists were released unharmed, but their detentions highlighted the town’s ramped up police presence, which has left numerous residents injured by rubber bullets, pepper spray and tear gas during protests held every night after Brown’s death.

SWAT officers roughed up the reporters inside a McDonald’s, where both journalists were working. Reilly snapped a photo, prompting cops to request his identification.

“The officer in question, who I repeatedly later asked for his name, grabbed my things and shoved them into my bag,” said Reilly, who appeared on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” shortly after his release to recount the arrest. “He used his finger to put a pressure point on my neck.”

“They essentially acted as a military force. It was incredible,” Reilly said. “The worst part was he slammed my head against the glass purposefully on the way out of McDonald’s and then sarcastically apologized for it.”

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Watch this MSNBC video report with the two reporters:

Watch the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery get hassled and arrested by police: