LeA Robinson, new music sensation

LeA Robinson, new music sensation

*Affectionately known as the “Granddaughter of Hip-Hop,” LeAnetta Robinson, or simply LeA, is the granddaughter of musical legend Sylvia Robinson, founder of Sugar Hill Records.

The outgoing, ambitious, and eccentric singer, songwriter and dancer is also recognized by her elaborate MTV Super Sweet 16 episode. Born and raised in New Jersey, LeA’s creative ambitions are running parallel with her destiny, which is bound for success.

At the age of 16, LeA became a Teen Ambassador for the United Nations and also partnered with charity organization, Comedy Cures.   As an ambassador LeA was able to perform the National Anthem for the NETS & Bucks NBA team, World AIDS Day events, UN Year of Youth, The Waldorf Astoria for First Ladies and much more. Making appearances at such events, LeA has been able to generate and connect with her growing fans, which refer to themselves as #LeAnation.

LeA Robinson.  Granddaughter of hip hop,  next generation star.

LeA Robinson. Granddaughter of hip hop, finds her voice!

As LeA grew and matured, her music began to reflect her true emotions and life experiences. The songs that she would pen reflected more of an autobiographical tone. Her debut album 808s & Leggings, is a true reflection of her transparent process blossoming into young womanhood through R&B and hip-hop infused sounds. Collaborating with burgeoning producer Kyle “K2” Stewart II [WeTV Tamar & Vince theme “Monday & Friday” and Fantasia “Without Me”], LeA’s songs speak to #LeAnation with passion and power. With titles “What Love Will Do,” “Flowers and Candy” and the Fonda Rae infused “Higher,” there’s no escaping LeA’s infectious energy through her music and performance.

LeA is fully able to express and share her life with the world in a three-minute song. Her music is influenced by a variety of genres including country, hip-hop, classical and rock and roll with her mother and legendary grandmother playing a large role in the support of her career.

LeA believes that her star is still being molded and the best is yet to come. Planning to make her mark by staying true to God and her purpose, LeA is currently preparing for the release of her first single “Pump It Up” featuring Sonyae Elise while promoting her 808’s & Leggings Mixtape stating, “I’ve never felt more proud to release such a great collection of music to the world.” And the legacy continues.

Instagram: @TheLeARobinson www.LeARobinsonOnline.com www.Twitter.com/TheLeARobinson www.Youtube.com/iAmLeARobinson LeAnettaRobinson.tumblr.com