baby blue ivy & beyonce

*You ready for a crazy Beyonce story?

Of course you are. OK, here goes.

A woman named Tina Seals has reportedly filed a maternity lawsuit in Manhattan court where she claims to be the birth mother of Blue Ivy Carter. Ok, stop laughing ’cause there’s more. Seals says she was“previously associated” with the couple and seeks to verify that she is indeed Blue’s birth mom.

Think about it. For good reason you rarely hear about a maternity lawsuit. Seals obviously believes, or at least we hope she believes, that she actually gave birth to Blue Ivy and not Beyonce. For some conspiracy theorists, this story makes sense because they believe Bey wore a fake “Pregnancy belly” thingy that onced infamously appeared to have folded on camera. And, for good measure, there’s this crazy theory: Jay Z cheated with Seals and produced a child, with his paternity never coming into question, as baby Blue is the spitting image of him.

Ok, you resume laughing.