your old croog,

*Your Old Droog has finally revealed his true identity.

After months of speculation, it’s not Nas after all, the Boombox reported.

Many folks thought the phantom rapper (whose real name is still unknown) was Nas since he has a similar sound.

In a video for “Just Rhymin’ With Skizz,” the phantom rapper stepped out of the shadows for the first time.

DJ Skizz was on the turntables scratching the DJ Premier-produced beat while the rapper showed off his lyrical skills.

“Ruling the street with an alias, and they lovin it / A dictator, ain’t nobody calling out my government / Even if you ‘know me’ you phony / Catch me on my lonely, I play paranoid like Tony Iommi,” he rapped.

Your Old Droog has been all over the Internet dropping his lyrical skills and leaving folks to speculate who he is — with songs like “Free Turkey,” “Sleepers” and “On the News.”

Although his real name hasn’t been revealed, the Conley-Island rapper will perform for the first time in front of a NYC audience on Sept. 3 at Webster Hall.

This could be really big for the soon-to-be ex-phantom rapper. The concert could establish him as a respected rapper — leading to a record deal. In the meantime, he has a self-titled EP.

Watch “Just Rhymin’ With Skizz’ below: