Adrian Peterson Thinks He'll Play Again for the Minnesota Vikings

*Sources revealed Adrian Peterson is struggling to realize the extreme seriousness of his situation. He thinks he has a chance at playing in the NFL this year.

But with two reports of child-abuse, he was cut from the Minnesota Vikings. He was accused of beating his four-year-old with switch.

Peterson did not deny his involvement with the case, but he said he’s a firm believer in stern punishment. Nevertheless, he’s not a child abuser.

NFL sources confirmed Peterson’s chances at playing in the NFL this year is dismal and his future with the sport is uncertain at best.

ESPN reported Peterson tweeted Friday he passed a lie detector test —which, according to multiple sources, proves that he really doesn’t get the trouble he’s in.

The team has no plans of activating Peterson for the year  and are not involving him in any future plans. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said child abuse was a violation in which the the league would severely punish.


(Adrian Peterson Thinks He’ll Play Again for the Minnesota Vikings)