Alvester Martin Climbs Into The Music Industry

*A wise person once said that no threshold holds a man’s final limits, but the one he has made for himself.  This is true in life, in sport and in career.

In life, a baby is not born walking, or even sitting up, but no baby stays content long before he or she is pushing past that limit.  Michael Jordan once scored over 50 points in a game.  He could have sat back and said, “I’m the greatest, I have done something great!”  But he didn’t.  He went on to score 60.  He pushed the limits to become a champion.

In 1991, in the streets of Dade County, a young Alvester Martin knew that his abilities and talents would be his keys to success.  Traveling up the ranks of education, Martin found himself in the hallowed halls of the School of American Ballet.  Some would be happy traveling the globe dancing for the top ballet companies.  For some, performing in those circles would be the final stop along a lifelong journey, a cozy spot where they could settle and retire.  Some, like an old mountain climber, can only see the next peak.

But like the wise person said, the final limits are the ones we place upon ourselves.  Martin’s mind did not see that he had arrived as a dancer, or that he had reached his final height.

beyonce & alvester

Martin was a top dancer performing alongside such greats as Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Queen Latifah, but he was not satisfied with what others would consider success.  The dancer wanted to sing.

Leaving the one of the top dance companies, at arguably the top of his career, Martin dove for that next peak.  In the movies, the action hero is often seen diving for that impossibly far cliff, over the impassable chasm, only to snag the edge of the other side with the last digit of his fingertips, hanging precariously.  The Michael Jackson Tribute Production, “Man in the Mirror” was Martin’s cliff.  He hung on a role that some would consider a detour from his end goal of being a professional singer.

Quite the contrary, touring with the “Man in the Mirror” company allowed him to combine his skillsets singing, dancing and acting.  Martin not only hung on, he climbed up and in doing so garnered him an international following.

Now he maintains an international fan base that would eagerly receive a product from him, while in America he established himself as a leading dancer and eye candy to top echelon performers such as Beyonce and Rhianna.  He used that momentum to secure a deal with Emagine/Universal Music Group for his first album, ‘Love Me or Leave Me,’ slated for release in the Fall/Winter of 2014.

alvester model & mijac

Described by Essence Magazine as a triple threat, Martin is posed to continue his climb upwards, nailing a starring role in the latest single “A Place with No Name” on the late Michael Jackson’s newest album, “Xscape.”

“A Place with No Name” has the catchy rhythmic lyrics that Jackson made legendary with songs like ‘Billy Jean’ where he takes the listener on a trip through his fantasy using metaphor and allegory.  The tale, sure to be a surprise hit, is destined to go down as another classic tale that means more than the face value of the words contained in the lyrics and Martin has secured himself in the passenger’s seat for that ride into history.

A preview of the historic music video was aired during the August 13th 2014, Michael Jackson themed episode of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”  The video features Martin, who worked with Jackson for ten years, alongside  fellow dancer Danielle Acoff in very tasteful, yet sensual choreography.  The video features Jackson in rare clips from the “In The Closet” video shoot that punctuates the illustrative dance moves of Martin and Acoff.

Nekesa Mumbi Moody from Yahoo! said ‘A Place With No Name’ ” is lyrically weak: we can tell why Jackson left it on the cutting room floor.”  Despite the accurateness of the description, and the fact that it samples America’s 1972 song ‘A Horse with No name,’ this single is still a cut above the other pop singles that have been released this year and has premiered at #1 on the US Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles (Billboard) and #25 on the US Adult R&B Songs (Billboard).  The visuals are quality and showcases Martin’s skillset quite nicely.

Next week in Part 2, Alvester Martin sits down with EUR’s Lee Bailey to discuss his many talents and desire to fulfill his destiny as the next triple threat.

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(Alvester Martin Climbs Into The Music Industry)