kid stressed caused mom pregnant

*You may have often wondered what kids would say about the making of large families if they could actually articulate.

Would they say, “Mom, I don’t want another brother or sister,” or “Oh no, not another one!”

Those responses sound quite tame next to the ones this little fella came up with.

All we can say is…priceless. Here’s to you as you sip on your morning cup if java!

Oh yeah, and check out lil man’s too, too cute baby sister who’s got absolutely nothing say about the situation … ’cause she can’t talk. That doesn’t stop her from trying, though.  🙂  Either way, she is too precious.

But like we say, lil’ dude is another story. In fact, it’s funny and scary to observe the words coming out this 5-year-old’s mouth.

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lil man can't believe mom pregnant again