Billionaire Buffett Disses 'Money' Mayweather

*Billionaire Warren Buffett dissed Floyd Mayweather Saturday night before his championship fight since he didn’t like the champ’s surroundings — weed and women.

Buffett – who’s net worth is said to be around $70 BILLION – was supposed to part of Team Money with Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa. And TMZ said, Buffett was initially even excited to be part of the team.

Nevertheless, Berkshire Hathaway — Buffett’s company — had issues with Mayweather’s spectacle — especially because the of documentary “All Access.” 

Buffett appeared in the documentary, but in the very next scene Mayweather is posing  with rolled-up joints and carousing with women.

The doc was not liked by Buffett’s people. Therefore, Saturday night Buffett snubbed the champ since his team believed the documentary reflected badly on him.

Buffett originally agreed to walk out Mayweather Saturday morning, but soon after, decided against it. The two still interacted right before the fight, however, in Mayweather’s dressing room.

Watch Mayweather and Buffett before the fight below:

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(Billionaire Buffett Disses ‘Money’ Mayweather )