Bogus Injury Photo of Darren Wilson Goes Viral

The tweet, by Mike Liberation, beneath this photo reads, Here’s what the sweet, innocent, gentle giant #MichaelBrown did to #DarrenWilson…

*In what can only be seen a really, really, desperate attempt to justify the killing of an unarmed black man, a photo of a man with serious injuries to his face is circulating on the Internet with the caption that it is officer Darren Wilson following a beating by the teen he claims he fought with prior to pumping six bullets into him.

If you’ve been visiting another planet since August 9, let me catch you up. Wilson is the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and put the town most of us had never heard of front and center in world news; as protests about the killing and the subsequent unprofessional and inappropriate actions of the police captured the headlines.

Though the circumstances leading up to Brown’s death remains unclear, Ferguson police have said that Wilson’s face was injured in an altercation with Brown moments before the shooting, but we have seen no evidence of these claims to date as Wilson has yet to come forward and speak publicly.

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(Ferguson Cop Bogus Injury Photo – Bogus Injury Photo of Darren Wilson Goes Viral)