Celebrity Fight! Sisqo Vs. Kyle from Jagged Edge

*Ok, they’re not exactly a-list or even b-list celebs at this point, but Dru Hill’s Sisqo and Kyle from Jagged Edge squared off backstage over the weekend at an Old School show at the Concord Pavilion in Northern Cali.

Well, from what we can see, it wasn’t much of a fight. More like grabbing, pulling and shoving. Hell, we’ve seen better catfights.

In any event, check it out:

It’s not clear what the problem was, but some say it was just a continuation of bad blood between the two that goes back several years. In fact, Kyle discussed it when Jagged Edge visited “The Breakfast Club” back in June to promote their new album. Yes, Jagged Edge has new music out.

You can watch the original Breakfast Club interview where they reveal Kyle’s beef with Sisqo below:

Oh yeah, who do you think won this classic “battle of the century?” 🙂