Chris Bosh Launches Mr Nice Tie

*Chris Bosh is looking good in that suit. It makes sense since he put his time and effort executing it. Well… not the suit. Although, it is a nice suit. Stay with us.

Bosh created an accessory to accompany his nice suit — a new line of neck ties. He teamed with Armstrong & Wilson to produce the line.

Bosh named the line Mr. Nice Tie. And the line already has been worn by Swaggy P, Rachel Johnson and Tyson Chandler’s wife.

The New York Post reported Bosh came up with the idea for the line after losing a game.

“I was on the team plane after a game. I think we lost, and that’s when I get lost in my thoughts a little bit, so I was taking my mind off basketball and it just came to me — Mr. Nice Tie,” he said.

He added, “I wear ties almost every day anyway so it seemed like the logical choice.”

He celebrated the launch of the line — that celebrities are already wearing — with a Hennessy party in NYC.


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