Chris Brown Dishes On Time Behind Bars - Brown Calls  Jail A Humbling Experience

*Chris Brown has been heavily promoting his new album, “X,” which was released this past Tuesday. Along the way he has been opening up about his stint behind bars.

Brown talked with “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” about violating his probation from the 2009 domestic violence case with ex-girlfriend Rihanna and getting four months in prison. He was sent to prison after being kicked out of rehab.

YBF reported, now that he’s rehabilitated and ready to restart his career where it left off and he’s talking about staying out of trouble and focusing on his music.

But his time behind bars was well spent — he said he definitely learned his lesson and called it a humbling experience.

“For me it was more so a humbling experience. At the end of the day I think I got kinda carried away and off track of what my real purpose was, who I was as a young entertainer and as a young person,” he said.

He added, “everything that I learned in there, when I got out, I just took everything with—not a grain of salt—I really appreciated everything more.”

But being famous didn’t stop just because he was in prison. He was famous among other prisoners and even officers as well — asking for his autograph.

“Yea…a couple of them (correctional officers) but they really couldn’t. Some of the inmates would slide me down their line, they’ll shoot a line down ‘yo can you sign this for my daughter’ and I’ll do it, it wasn’t a problem.”

Nevertheless, he was happy to return home and have that first meal outside of prison. He said, “the first meal…I actually got a cheeseburger.”

Watch the interview below:


(Chris Brown Dishes On Time Behind Bars – Brown Calls Jail A Humbling Experience )