Officer Daniel Holtzclaw

Officer Daniel Holtzclaw

*When a 57-year-old grandmother returned home from her job and saw the face of Daniel Holtzclaw on TV; all she could do was let out a hoop and a holler.

“That’s him!” That’s him!” she screamed with a sense of vindication towards the man who forced her to sodomize him as a bargaining chip when he pulled her over on the freeway.

Six other women came forward too, identifying Holtzclaw, a former college football player and onetime member of the Detroit Lions, who turned police officer and joined the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Proving once again that even a slug can get some level of support, the man arrested in August and charged with sexually abusing eight black women, has actually  gained online supporters  who have raised more than $7,000 towards his defense according to

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