Emotional Moment Between Hester & Sanders - Noisy Fans Drown Out Sanders & Hester

*One obvious observation we can make about the NFL is that in spite of the on-going domestic violence turmoil enveloping the league, life goes on. Or should we say, the games go on.

Thursday night was no exception as the Atlanta Facon crushed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 56-14. In that game Devin Hester surpassed Deion Sanders for the most return touchdowns in NFL history by taking a 62-yard punt back for his 20th touchdown as Mr. Prime Time himself looked on from the Atlanta sideline.

Hester and Sanders, a Hall of Famer and NFL Network analyst, have history and the two shared a highly emotional post-game moment. Unfortunately, idiot, er, overly hyped Falcons fans did their best to drown out their sincere words of affection with chants and animal noises.

Hopefully you can ignore the knuckleheads and take in the emotion from Sanders who says “I love you as a man, as a father, as a husband… and I’m so proud of you man” Hester also breaks down, recalling how Sanders supported him ever since his time at University of Miami.

Below is the record-breaking touchdown by Devin Hester. Also check out Hester’s high-stepping tribute to Sanders at the end on the run, which unfortunately drew a penalty flag (boooooo!):
devin hester breaking deion recordgif


(Emotional Moment Between Hester & Sanders – Noisy Fans Drown Out Sanders & Hester)