george-zimmerman*Despite outrage over him being acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman continues to be anything but hidden.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the former neighborhood watchman was given “celebrity treatment” by attendees at a recent firearm expo in Lake Mary, Fla. With a smiling face, Zimmerman reportedly arrived at the gun show and was “posing for photos, sharing hugs and shaking hands with gun enthusiasts,” the newspaper noted.

Speaking with the Sentinel, Zimmerman said he appreciated the “celebrity treatment” he received at t he expo, which included party invitations from complete strangers. And while he has been encouraged to, as of late, to use fake names to disguise himself, Zimmerman insists that he “can not lie.”

Zimmerman’s willingness to remain in the public eye seemed to be appreciated by a spokesperson for one of the gun show’s sponsors, who told the Sentinel that he does not have a reason to be “hidden from the public.” Although this may be the case, there were some people at the expo who were shocked and surprised Zimmerman would show his face at such an event.

Zimmerman’s appearance at the expo is the latest in a string of occurrences since his acquittal, many of which involve encounters with the law. According to reports, the encounters range from a recent road rage incident in which Zimmerman allegedly threatened to kill another driver to being pulled over at least three times by police for various infractions. Other incidents include Zimmerman being detained after threatening his estranged wife and her father with a gun, arrested after a domestic violence episode with his girlfriend and questioned by police for voluntarily “patrolling” a Florida gun shop.

While Zimmerman seems to enjoy the exposure at public events, the Sentinel noted that he still receives death threats and is constantly on the move. As a result, Zimmerman’s actions leave him in debt.

Still, Zimmerman travels around the country to honor speaking requests as well as meet with lawyers.