K. Michelle Visits The Breakfast Club*Leave it to K. Michelle to give it to you straight.

The reality TV star had no problem letting listeners know exactly how she felt when she appeared on “The Breakfast Club” morning show on Thursday.

From her beef with Lil Kim to Adrian Peterson to whether or not she got intimate with Idris Elba, who directed her in the VH1 musical “Rebellious Soul,” K. Michelle left no stone unturned.

Highlights from K. Michelle’s Breakfast Club interview are below:

On Her Feud with Lil’ Kim and her fans after she tweeted that Nicki Minaj was the ‘Queen Of Rap’:
I’m not stunting that lady. I was watching the VMA’s, I’m just excited. I’m high off this sh*t. I’m in the studio and I saw Nicki up there [on stage] and I was so happy. Like, it’s a Black girl on the VMAs, she up there three, four times, she’s always been nice to me. I like Nicki Minaj! I tweeted and said “Yes Nicki, the queen of rap!” I wasn’t offending anybody.

Kim has my number. We even talked about me being the Godmother to your daughter. Like, you have my number. You know how to talk to me. So her fans immediately start attacking me. They were talking about my child and everything. So me being me, me being in my zone, I was real belligerent, I went and I tweeted, I said: “F*ck all you Lil’ Kim fans, god damn it. You motherf*ckers is not going to tell me what I’m supposed to say!” I like both of them. That’s what I said in the tweet. I didn’t say “F*ck all you Lil’ Kim fans and f*ck Kim!” I said “F*ck ll you Lil’ Kim fans coming at me.” Because I’m going to like both of them. And you ain’t going to bully me off no Twitter.

On What She Thinks About Adrian Peterson Beating His Son with a Switch:
K. Michelle: It happens. I usually, you know, the whole violence thing and all that. We were told to get switches. We picked our switch. I picked the weeds off them and our parents beat our asses.

Angela Yee: What if your child came home with bruises like that from his dad?
K. Michelle: I probably can honestly say that I wouldn’t have called the police because I had them (cuts and bruises). I guess maybe it’s how you were raised. It’s a new day and age. But it’s your child- I don’t think that man was trying to hurt that child. Those whippings, I had a lot of them.

On if she had sex with Idris Elba

Charlamagne: Did you have sex with Idris Elba?

K. Michelle: Why?!

Charlamagne: Someone told me that.

K. Michelle: No one told you that! (laughs)

Yee: Great in bed?

K. Michelle: Great person all around. Just a great person (smiles)

For K. Michelle’s full interview with “The Breakfast Club” crew, check out the video below:


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