Keyshia Cole Victim Sabrina Mercadel Says Attack Unwarranted

Now we’re hearing that the woman Keyshia Cole allegedly laid hands on is not who/what Keyshia thought she was.

Stay with us. The story goes that Cole put a whipping on the woman because she (Cole) thought the woman was doin-the-do with (Coles’) rumored boyfriend, Birdman

TMZ‘s sources tell them the alleged victim is Sabrina Mercadel, a Cash Money employee for more than a decade, and she’s known Birdman since they were young.

We’re told Sabrina was not alone with Birdman at his West L.A. condo … 4 others were present when Keyshia came storming in at around 5 AM.

Our sources say Sabrina was walking out of the bathroom when Cole spotted her in the apartment … and the singer instantly went on the attack, yelling, “What are you doing with my man?!”

As we reported, Keyshia was arrested for allegedly attacking Sabrina who had to go to the ER and is now on pain meds.

Cole is out on bail.

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(Keyshia Cole Victim Sabrina Mercadel Says Attack Unwarranted )