'L&HH: Atl' Season 3 Reunion (Pt 2) Filled with Fights

*What’s an episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” without someone getting physically involved in other people’s business.

And the reunion of the popular, but ratchet reality show more than held that standard as things turned in to a WWE event, with one time friends Benzino and Stevie J coming to blows during Part 2 of VH1’s special wrap up of Season 3.

Fresh off last week’s violent conclusion of the first part of the reunion, things continued on with fists swinging, expensive shoes up in the air with the flying furniture. Stevie J and his girl, er, wife Joseline Hernandez are clearly going in on Benzino and his companion Althea Heart. Security is called to the scene as six guards hold Stevie J while carrying him away.

Looks like that effort didn’t get much traction. Stevie J breaks free and resumes hunting for his former friend. Only to be stopped again by the long arm of security.

Think the ladies were left out? Think again.

Across the stage, Althea and Joseline are fighting amongst themselves., as the audience gets an earful of Zino screaming, “Get off me. Yo get my girl.” From there, Althea breaks away from security to get a bottle to throw at Joseline. As a result, the ladies’ clash goes from onstage to backstage.

And VH1 cuts the cameras, with viewers hearing “she comin’, she comin’” while watching this message appear on the screen: “As security tried to contain the fighting and escort the cast off stage, Joseline and Stevie J broke free.”

Clearly, the network seems to be in on all the ratchedness.

Joseline carries her anger to Tammy as she comes out of nowhere to swing on her while showing off the silky ponytail she pulls out.

Nevertheless, Tammy ain’t having it and she swings back. Security comes back to try and stop her, but the new Mrs. Malphurs escapes and grabs a handful of bottles to throw at Joseline, with the sole purpose of knocking her the f*** out!

Lawd, we go on and on, but we’re too tired to describe any further action. Tell ya what, if you missed and wanna see it for yourself, or you saw it and want to see it again, check it out below.