Mo'Nique Finds Beauty In Ray Rice Case

*Oscar winner and funny lady Mo’Nique was on “Good Day LA” and give the hosts Steve Edwards and Lisa Breckenridge a lot to chew on when appeared earlier this week.

“They’ve never seen that version of mommy…yet?”

That was her telling Steve and Lisa that her 9 year old twins have not seen her raunchy standup shows. The funny woman talked about when she’ll let them, rules about cussing in her house, and her shows at the Improv Comedy Club in Ontario (California) this past Friday and Saturday.

Mo’nique also gave her two cents on the Ray Rice story. On top of that, she took what’s pretty much seen as an unpopular position.

“A lot of people are saying get rid of him, it was horrible what he did and it was. It was tragic for us to see that happen to that young woman… there’s no excuse for that. On the other side of it, there’s the beauty in it because you see this woman saying I’m going to stand by my husband.”

Mo’nique also talked about her past.

“The world saw him at his worst moment…I’ve been there to have my worst moments. There was a time I wanted to say domestic violence. There was a time I did say it. But the truth was we would just fight. And if I would lose, now I’m gonna call the police it’s domestic violence. But if I won, we just had a fight.”

She also described it as a teachable lesson for America…

“We speak of religion, and we speak of forgiveness but the moment someone messes up we say throw them away and get rid of them…they have to face the world every day…every action that we do is forgivable.”

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(Mo’Nique Finds Beauty In Ray Rice Case – Mo’Nique Ray Rice Deserves Second Chance)