Mumbai Man Divorces Wife Over Sex

*Well here’s a bit of gossip for the girls in the break room.

All men are not sex-crazed fiends. ‘Ready-Freddy’ ain’t always ready. Sometimes that actually is a gun in his pocket.

OK, if I have to elaborate on that last one, forget about it.

The point is, ladies, some men actually want you to slow your roll when it comes to having sex – at least according to one man in Mumbai who claims his wife has too big of an appetite for sex so he wants to divorce her. Whoa! Not, honey you need to sleep in another room for a week. Not, girl we need to separate altogether for a while. But an actual divorce; as in “Woman, I don’t want to be married to you anymore.”

Dang. That’s cold.

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(Mumbai Man Divorces Wife Over Sex – Too Much Sex Makes Mumbai Man Divorce Wife)