Nicki Minaj Visits August Alsina In Hospital

*August Alsina collapsed and fell off of a stage at a New York concert a week ago, and he’s still recovering in the hospital.

There haven’t been too many updates since he woke up from a three-day coma. But his support hasn’t run dry — as he has some great friends by his side.

Nicki Minaj is one of those friends — showing some love for her video boo by stopping by the hospital and snapping some pics with him to show Instagram he’s recovering.

“August, u know, I’m here to save u. still praying for my lil bro. He’s doingbetter,” Minaj said. Alsina responded on Instagram with, “‘Aug, u know I’m here to save you.’ She has to be the sweetest girl I know. #ASisterThatPrays.”

Alsina’s condition seems to be more serious than originally reported as exhaustion and dehydration. But after a three-day coma, a lengthy time in ICU and more than a week in the hospital, he’s sicker than most expected.

He suffered a few seizures since arriving at the hospital. Fans said they heard him say he hadn’t eaten all day while doing a promo stop as well.

K. Michelle spoke with him, and he kept talking about how he is very tired. “I talked to him the day before [was taken to the hospital], and he said to me, ‘I am so tired! I am beat!’ And I said to him, ‘August this is what you’ve been wanting. You gotta fight through it, you are gonna be fine.’  I thought when he said tired — you know we all work through it–he was just tired. But I didn’t know he meant that he was [literally] TIRED.”

With so much drugs and alcohol in the music industry, plenty of stars struggle to live healthy lifestyles — masking it with rock-hard bodies.

Nevertheless, some suffer other illnesses like Alsina — working their bodies a little too hard for the fame. But take care and get well soon, August Alsina.


(Nicki Minaj Visits August Alsina In Hospital)