Paula Deen Today Show

*Paula Deen will return to the scene of her disastrous Matt Lauer interview that sent her career tumbling downward in a racism scandal.

“Today” announced this morning that the celebrity chef will sit for her first interview on the morning show since the big June 2013 debacle. Last summer, she went on to address the blow-back to acknowledging in a deposition that she has used the n-word in her past. The interview backfired, causing her career more harm than good.

In her Tuesday return, Deen will discuss “What she has learned since then” as well as “what has changed, and what’s next for her,” announced “Today.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Deen has just purchased all of the broadcast rights to her Food Network shows spanning 13 years – 440 episodes in total, as well as all unaired footage.

Paula Deen Ventures said it will begin airing the footage, along with new material, when the subscriber-based Paula Deen Network premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 24. The network is part of her strategy to convert the millions of fans she has amassed on social media into paying customers willing to shell out $7.99 and $9.99 a month for access to the broadcast.

Included in the deal is the 13th season of her Food Network Show that never aired. It was cancelled in 2013 over her admitted use of the racial slur.