RG3 Injures Ankle But That's A Good Thing

*Dang another setback for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

In the first quarter of today’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the QB had to leave the game with his left ankle in a splint. Also wideout/receiver DeSean Jackson walked off gingerly supporting his left arm and shoulder

The Redskins announced that neither would return.

RG3 was hurt while making an acrobatic, leaping, across-the-body throw near the sideline while being pursued by linebacker Paul Posluszny. the Redskins QB landed awkwardly on his ankle as he finished the throw and then tumbled out of bounds. The pass was caught by Jackson for an 11-yard gain.

While play continued, Griffin’s leg was placed in a splint. He wiped his brow and waved, saluted and gave a thumbs-up signal to the crowd as he was carted along the sideline toward the players’ tunnel. The fans chanted ”R-G-3!”

It was the latest setback for a promising but injury-marred career. Griffin missed all or part of four games in his record-setting rookie season of 2012 due to various injuries, including a torn right ACL that led to reconstructive knee surgery.

On the other hand, USA Today writer Chis Chase thinks the injury to Griffin is a good thing … for the team.

Provided DeSean Jackson’s injury doesn’t cause the wideout to miss too much time, the Washington Redskins are better positioned to make the 2014 playoffs on Sunday afternoon than they were on Sunday morning. That’s because Kirk Cousins gives the Redskins a better chance to win than the man he was backing up.

Cousins isn’t necessarily a better quarterback than RG3. He shouldn’t have started Week 1 over RG3. And if RG3 magically heals before Week 3, the incumbent should regain his job. But with RG3 under center, the Redskins had to figure out what was going to work long term. There’s no such thing as rebuilding in the topsy-turvy NFL, but the Redskins were a good case study that short-term pains can equal long-term benefits.

Good grief, we hope RG3 doesn’t read Chase’s column. His ego and confidence could take a bigger hit than his ankle.

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(RG3 Injures Ankle But That’s A Good Thing – Griffin III Injury A Good Thing For Team)