Ray Rice To Appeal Indefinite Suspension

*There’s now movement in the Ray Rice suspension situation

NBC Sports is reporting that Rice will appeal the indefinite suspension on Monday (09-15-14).

The appeal will be handled by the NFLPA and by an outside lawyer hired by Rice.

Because the indefinite suspension was imposed under the personal-conduct policy, Commissioner Roger Goodell will have the ultimate authority over the appeal. Don’t be surprised if Rice and the union ask that Goodell designate a hearing officer who has no current connection to the league office, which Goodell ultimately did in the appeal of the players suspended in connection with the Saints bounty case.

Apart from whether Goodell potentially has prejudged the Rice case before the appeal process has played out, Goodell also will be a witness in the appeal process, since one of the key questions is whether Rice lied to the team or the league about what happened in the elevator.

The bottom line is that Rice will most likely contend that he told the team and the league the truth. Ultimately, the person who resolves the appeal will have to hear testimony from Rice, Goodell, and other witnesses before deciding whether Rice lied — especially since Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome has said that Rice didn’t lie.

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(Ray Rice To Appeal Indefinite Suspension – Ray Rice And NFLPA Appeal Suspension)