White House Intruder Omar J. Gonzalez Didn't Stop at the Front Door

*It would seem the President and First Family have legitimate reason to be concerned for their safety at home … in the White House!

Maybe they might wanna think about hiring some private security because the Secret Service is doing a piss poor job of protecting them.

That’s easy to surmise because now we’re learning that the man who breached White House security earlier this month got a lot further into the building than initially said, according to several reports Monday.

The Secret Service had initially said that the alleged intruder, Omar J. Gonzalez, who jumped a fence and ran across the North Lawn on the evening of Sept. 19, was stopped just inside the doors of the North Portico. But he actually made it hundreds of feet deeper into the White House before being tackled by a counter-assault agent at the south end of the East Room, near the doorway that leads into the Green Room, The Washington Post first reported.

The new details emerged ahead of a Tuesday morning hearing on Secret Service White House protection being held by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Agency director Julia Pierson — put in the job by President Barack Obama following allegations of agent misbehavior during a trip to Cartagena, Colombia — is set to testify.

You can get the rest of this story at Politico.

(White House Intruder Omar J. Gonzalez Didn’t Stop at the Front Door)