When The President Is A Brother

*It’s called Bizarro World. A planet which debuted  in Superman comic books in the ‘60s, Bizarro World is the exact opposite of Earth. Instead of being round, the planet is shaped like a cube.

Everything considered bad on planet earth is deemed good in Bizarro World. For example, according to the Bizarro Code,  beauty is despised; ugliness is king.  In Bizarro World, It’s a major crime to do anything considered positive.

I bring up a planet from a DC comic book, because when it comes to President Obama, I’ve noticed that the opinions of some people often resemble that crazy imaginary place.

To be sure, every President has its critics.  That is  the nature of the occupation. And Obama is by no means above criticism.  The man is a politician.

However, after January 20, 2009, the day of Obama’s first inauguration, the rules for being President appeared to change. Basic logic was nullified. Suddenly, what was once up, is now down. Apples became…pears.  It is an ongoing  pattern that defies gravity. And all, I dare say, because America’s President is a Soul Brother.

When the President is a Brother, members of Congress, before he even got started, brazenly and  publicly declared they won’t work with him–the Bizarro opposite of what Congress is supposed to do on some level.  They made a vow that he will be a one-term President. This, before the President does one thing as President.

It doesn’t matter that Obama won two terms because Americans of all hues and backgrounds voted for him. When the President is a Brother, his wins were based on some sort of sorcery   or conspiracy.

When the President is a Brother, he is not allowed to make mistakes.

When The President is a Brother, it matters not that Michelle Obama, his wife and First Lady, is  intelligent, charismatic and tries to get America’s children to eat better. She’s arrogant  for having independent thoughts,  interests and goals.

When the President is a Brother, suddenly, education is overrated.

When President  is a Brother and challenges Moscow, many American citizens root for Russian President Putin.

When the President is a Brother and gives in-depth answers to questions at press conferences, he simply likes hearing himself talk.   When he changes his mind about a decision he made because the situation dictated such, he is considered weak.

When the President is a Brother, it doesn’t matter that on his watch, more terrorists have been killed or captured than any other President. It’s still  not enough.

When the President is a Brother, the facts get in the way.

When the President is a Brother, suddenly, HE becomes the reason for America’s racial divide. Doesn’t matter that this nation has never been a warm and cozy hamlet of equality; doesn’t matter that the mere fact that he is President means things are slowly changing. This President  is who “they” blame for their “sudden” feelings of hate.

When the President is a Brother, if his use of drones in battle spares American military soldiers, he is considered a cold, diabolical user of war machines. If he sends American troops into battle, then he is heartless and power hungry, with no regard for American lives.

When the President is a Brother, he’s out of line when he speaks on “local stuff” such as the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown killings. Murders, no matter how controversial, are supposed to be beneath a President’s opinion, especially if said  events threaten to polarize the nation he governs.

When the President is a Brother, the White House, supposedly one of the most secure places in the world, becomes a place where two men can jump the fence—one of them getting inside the White House—in 24 hours.

When the President is a Brother, no matter what he does right, he’s still the worst President in the history of the United States; in the history of the whole world;  the Universe. Doesn’t matter that Mars doesn’t even have a President that we know of. If it did, President Obama would be worse than he, she or it.

When the President is a Brother, it doesn’t matter that he is the son of a white woman. He’s a nigger through and through.

steve ivory (2014)

Steven Ivory

Steven Ivory, veteran journalist, essayist and author, writes about popular culture for magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet. Respond to him via [email protected]


(When The President Is A Brother)