Tamar Braxton Gives Terminally Ill Fan Her First Chanel Bag

*Recently, Tamar Braxton met one of her biggest fans on “The Real” and made her dreams come true in more than one way! She gifted her terminally-ill fan.

Tara Middleton‘s last wish was to go window shopping with Braxton, but the “Love and War” singer had a better idea. She gave her fan her first Chanel bag.

Braxton managed to pull at the heart strings with the sentimental moment shared with her fan. The Chanel bag was special to Braxton — the first one she bought at 18 with her first big check.

“It ain’t always about the new. Sometimes it’s about the old. Now, when I got my first big check, I was raised to believe that every girl needs Chanel,” Braxton said.

She added, “so what I did, I bought my first Chanel bag, and I kept it since I was 18 years old. I would love for you to have it and look at it and get your strength when you don’t see me on TV and you can’t find it within yourself.”

Braxton told her fan to look at her gifted Chanel bag as a beacon for hope when she’s feeling down and struggling to handle what’s going on in her life.

“When you’re feeling down and out and you can’t handle it, honey, you look at this Chanel bag and you’re like, ‘You know what God, I know I am here for a reason. You’ve kept me this far and you’ve kept me this long and this is what life is all about.’ You hold onto your faith, and you hold onto yourself,” she said.

Middleton is a 31-year-old, terminally-ill woman living with brain tumor in South Carolina. She started an organization to help other young women. Check it out here.

WatchTamar gift Tara with the Chanel bag:

Watch Tara Middleton tell her heartbreaking story:


(Tamar Braxton Gives Terminally Ill Fan Her First Chanel Bag)