Teyana Taylor Didn't Cause Ray & Janay Fight

*Add singer Teyana Taylor to the reasons why Ray Rice decked his  wife Janay in that Atlantic City casino. Not!!

According to rapper/reality star Joe Budden, the clues are there for those who keep track of Taylor and her buzzworthy antics. So much so that Budden took to Twitter to insinuate that Taylor is the one responsible for the split.

“It may be hearsay, but if the beef between Ray Rice and his wife was over the woman that some are saying?!?! Then sh*t … smh. If ya’ll know who I’m referring to, then that sh*t is crazy to me,” he tweeted.

In addition to Budden’s tweet come reports from Baller Alert that it received a link to Rice and Taylor. The Slaughterhouse rapper’s comments are one of a string of messages that have painted Taylor as the other woman.

It seemed like a open and shut case. According to Mediatakeout.com, Rice’s reaction came after Janay saw “texts received from Taylor trying to persuade Rice to leave his then-fiancé and family to be with her. When Janay CONFRONTED RICE with the messages, things got OUT OF HAND . . . and she got KO’d

Despite all efforts the damage was already done as Taylor makes an effort to bring the body back. The vocalist appeared on Power 99 in Philadelphia to set the record straight.

Chatting with Mina SayWhat, Taylor revealed that:

“No one received a text from me. I had nothing to do with that. These were also the same blogs that said that I accused Colin Kaepernick of raping me and when the actual girl came out and said who she was, there was no apology to Teyana. Nobody cleaned it up.

“So now I’m at a point where all I can do is laugh at it. People feel like they know your life and it’s so sad, because it’s our people,” Lee continued. This is a big matter. ESPN hasn’t said my name. No sports blogs have said my name BUT a whole bunch of OUR people. Our people who want it to be true so bad but I can’t entertain those type of things.”

Taylor goes on to explain her relationship with Rice, a bond that goes back all way to childhoods being spent. Although she is not a supporter of abuse, she stated that her relationship with Rice overrules all the mindless talk.

“What I won’t downplay is me and Ray,” she said. “We used to stay in the same building. He dated my best friend. I was on the phone with her and she was laughing like, ‘Don’t even feed into that.’ I never touched that man. That’s my homie,” she said. I don’t condone what he did, and I don’t condone what his wife did. They need to work that out and figure it out, however, she shouldn’t have hit him and he shouldn’t hit her. I feel like there is a double standard because sometimes we don’t realize that a man is still a man but Ray shouldn’t have put his hands on her and she shouldn’t have put her hands on him.

“I’m in a full-blown relationship [with Iman] so don’t drag me into that,” Taylor continued while putting to rest any romantdI never touched that man. What y’all not going to say is that I was the reason why that happened in that elevator.”

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(Teyana Taylor Didn’t Cause Ray & Janay Fight – Teyana Not Ray & Janay Problem)