African American Students Focus on Tech & Code Literacy

*(Via BIT) – Organizations nationwide made a surge during Computer Science Education week to ensure African American youth are prepared to engage in the emerging need for code literacy.

Code literacy in the African American community is no longer a conversation about awareness, it is an active movement. It’s not a new movement either, it’s been gaining steam for 15 years referred to as the “stopping the digital divide” with many brave, talented and dedicated individuals working to solve the problem.

It’s taken some time for this concept to gain the kind of mainstream traction that would change it from a conversation to a movement, but now that big names such as Mark Zuckerburg have stepped up to the plate (via to call code “the new literacy” people nationwide are taking notice and working to change policy, practices and perceptions around computer science education.

Serving as a powerful wind beneath those wings are organizations like Black Girls Code, Hidden Genius Project and now Yes We Code who are all working together to make the national dialog about code literacy a national dialog about equity, diversity & inclusion as well.

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(African American Students Focus on Tech & Code Literacy – Black Students Learn Code)