Woman Punched By CHP Officer Gets $1.5 Million - Marlene Pinnock Settles With CHP

*Remember the woman who was punched repeatedly by a California Highway Patrol officer back in July that was caught on camera?

That woman, Marlene Pinnock, and the CHP have reached a settlement where she will receive $1.5 million and the officer (Daniel L. Andrew) has agreed to resign.

The Associated Press reports that the settlement was confirmed by both CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow and Marlene Pinnock’s attorney. The settlement came after nine hours of mediation in Los Angeles.

Here’s is the statement from CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow:

“When this incident occurred, I promised that I would look into it and vowed a swift resolution. Today, we have worked constructively to reach a settlement agreement that is satisfactory to all parties involved. I am thankful to the attorneys representing both sides who worked cooperatively and diligently to resolve this civil lawsuit. The bulk of the settlement establishes a special needs trust for Ms. Pinnock to provide a mechanism for her long term care. Additionally, Officer Andrew has elected to resign. I very much appreciate the trust the public has placed in our organization to address this issue and resolve it responsibly.”

Pinnock’s lawyer, Caree Harper, says they wanted to make sure Pinnock, 51, could have financial stability for the rest of her life and wanted to make sure that Officer Daniel Andrew would not be an officer any longer.

The July 1 video of Andrew punching Pinnock by the side of a freeway was captured by a passing driver and spread widely on the internet and television.



(Woman Punched By CHP Officer Gets $1.5 Million – Marlene Pinnock Settles With CHP)