*Imagine, a hairy spider approximately the size of your hand, coming out of the bag along with your bananas.

A family in South London can tell you first hand, its no laughing matter.

The first though after – RUN! – is to try and trap it, so that you can get it outside, right? Well, when they did manage to trap the lethal creature – they were horrified to watch as it ripped off its own leg trying to get free.

We’re not talking some little skinny eyelash looking leg, we’re talking more tarantula leg. Yuk!!! Now that’s a visual for ya!The insect, called a Brazilian wandering spider, was inadvertently delivered in a bag of groceries by a local supermarket.

Of course, when the dad saw the spider, he dropped the bananas into the fruit bowl, and trapping the terrifying creature’s leg.

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