50 Cent

*According to TMZ50 Cent has been criticized for posting a photo of hip-hop mogul Diddy on Instagram of him grinding up on a plus-sized woman.

50’s photo features the phrase, “Damn…50’s right. I’m EFFEN Up right now” — coming quite hard for Diddy, but critics came right back at 50.

50 was endorsing a new liquor called EFFEN Vodka when he posted the photo, which is poking fun at Diddy’s Ciroc brand by suggesting drinking it is like grinding with plus-sized women.

diddy,50 removed the photo from Instagram after receiving much backlash for posting it at the expense of plus-sized women.

Diddy didn’t respond directly to 50’s bullying yet again, but he did post a message on Instagram, “if it ain’t making me money, making me better or making me happy… ain’t making time for it.”