big butt in the gymWho would’ve thunk it? It’s way cool to have a big butt…now

But when a black girl was growing up “back in the day,” carrying “junk in the trunk” was made fun of and criticized. Many women grew up self-conscious about it; because auntie and uncle, her male cousins and people in the neighborhood who didn’t mean any harm, casually brought attention to it via snide remarks. “Girl you sho’ got a big butt!”

Now, white women, Hispanic women and even Asians are paying big money to get a ‘big booty.’

And that means big business all the way around.

Gym classes are filled with women attempting to plump up their posterior; plastic surgeons are busier than ever enhancing the buttocks; and padding is no longer reserved just for bras and male protective underwear – but women’s panties too!

Today, the big butt is celebrated!

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