Andre Cymone

*With friends like Prince, Jody Watley and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Andre Cymone knows first hand the benefits of having and being influenced by talented musicians.

And with that comes a return to music for Cymone in the form of his album, “The Stone.” While he gets back to business on the project, Cymone also uses the platform to address political issues, as evidenced by two of the songs featured on the “The Stone,” “America” and “Trayvon.”

Speaking with,  Cymone revealed that he wrote the songs to raise funds and awareness for President Barack Obama’s reelection and Trayvon Martin’s family. The music producer’s motivation for the tunes comes after artists received a bit of tough love from entertainer/activist Harry Belafonte. According to reports, Belafonte expressed his disappointment over celebrities whom he feels don’t do enough socially to take a stand on the issues last year in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think Harry Belafonte is spot on,” Cymone said while touching on his political roots and activism. “He stood up at a time when it was not just unpopular but unsafe. At any moment, he could have lost his livelihood or his life. Many did, but he did what had to be done and broke ground. He made a difference in my life and the life of so many people like me. He made it easier for us black dreamers who once thought the life we now take for granted could only be a dream. He and committed artists and entertainers like him made that dream come true and I owe him a debt of gratitude.”

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