august alsina

*August Alsina passed out and fell off stage at a New York City concert back in September. He was rushed to a hospital where he remained in a coma for days.

Come to find out, he was having seizures. He later recovered and was released from the hospital. Now, he’s back on stage and touring, but is taking his health seriously.

“I overworked myself performing every day. Living a new life, just going too hard, going after what I want,” he said. “It was just a case of me putting a lot of other things, and people and everything–a lot of stuff before myself.”

He added, “just really, me having tunnel vision and focused on nothing else but what I was focused on. That was my first tour so I really wanted to make sure that it was everything and more because I’m always cautious about the moves that I make. The tour was doing excellent, and it hurt me that I had to end it because of that situation.”

Although he missed out on money and being a successful artist is an once in a lifetime opportunity, he learned the hard way his health is more important than money or fame.

He has no family medical history of seizures, but he believes it was God’s way of telling him to sit down or at least slow down — especially since Alsina knew everything wasn’t good internally.

“If you don’t live it, you really won’t understand it. It’s really hard to put into words how I felt. What I will say is that I knew I wasn’t right. I knew I felt I wasn’t good. I felt it,” he said. “That situation? I learned a lot from…it was a humbling situation.”

Watch the interview. (Warning! Pervasive N-word usage):

(August Alsina Reveals He Was Overworking Himself while on Tour)