*Claudia Jordan is the newest housewife to get a peach on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and she’s already involved in so much drama.

Jordan was criticized when she removed her purse when her co-star/convicted felon Apollo Nida walked over to her.

The husband of Phaedra Parks was convicted of identity theft and bank fraud, and is serving eight years in prison for his crimes.

Nevertheless, Jordan spoke about her “RHOA” co-star on “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show” on Tuesday after Sunday’s episode where he apologizes to co-star Kenya Moore.

“The brother is trying to do the right thing before he goes in—to just clear his slate—that’s admirable,” Jordan said.

He apologized to Moore for telling millions she offered him sex last season. It was only later found to be false, but Jordan saw him in a different light when he apologized.

“I got to give that man credit for doing that in front of everybody,” Jordan said. “It’s easier for him to continue with the lie, but he cleared that woman’s name…and people need to accept that and move on.”

Jordan was still sympathetic to Moore — knowing what it’s like to be falsely accused of something and scrutinized by critics.

“When you call someone a whore and put that on them, it’s very hard to shake that reputation,” she said. “I’ve had that done to me many times; and once it’s said it’s like no one cares to even get proof, they just run with that.”