royce reed

*OMG! Braylon Howard is one poor little thing!

Not only was his father, Dwight Howard, investigated for belting him, but his mother, Royce Reed, was also investigated for child abuse.

According to TMZ, The Florida Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) received a call back in February from Braylon’s school saying he had  marks from a belt after using potty words.

Reed admitted to belting her son for using potty words — particularly for dropping the f-bomb in school. The school accused her of belting him on the back of his neck and legs.

But after an investigation from DCF, there was no obvious marks. She said she only hit him once with a child fabric belt, and that was it.

Nevertheless, she made accusations against her ex back in August. She said Howard beat their son severely with a belt. Now Howard is the focus of a child abuse investigation.