Gloria Govan

*Gloria Govan is denying rumors that say she is eyeing Vincent Herbert, the husband of reality star/singer, Tamar Braxton.

Blog site  jumped on an opportunity to report the rumor that the former “Basketball Wives” star had eyes for the reality TV spouse just as a season that shows marital strife on “Tamar & Vince” unfolded.

But Govan was quick to refute the rumors, according to

Recently separated from hubby Matt Barnes, Gloria reportedly told the site that she does not have eyes for Tamar’s man.

“My focus is on my sons and my business ventures. It is sad when the media does not know your business they will make anything up,” said Gloria who denies having even a friendly relationship with the music producer.

“I have never met that man nor do I know him in any other form,” she said.

“I wish them nothing but the best in their marriage and beautiful family!!!” Gloria wrote via Instagram. “[S]top with the outrageous LIES!!! Y’all want tea go do your homework instead of making random sh*t up.”

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Tamar Says Sandra Rose Better ‘Shut Up’ or ‘Pay Up’ About Vince Beating Her Lies

Tamar meme

Blogger Sandra Rose has a rep for trying to start stuff. She aims for the jugular but with little to no substance behind her salacious headlines. It has been recognized that she takes pride in being messy.

She recently stated that no one cared about Solange Knowles‘ wedding (laughable), before making headlines herself when she claimed Tamar Braxton’s husband, Vincent Herbert, beats her.

Here’s what she tweeted.

tamar story text

tamar story text2

The tweets went on for a while before Tamar recognized Sandra Rose as a troll and deleted the tweets she screen shot from her Instagram page.  Still, you have to wonder, will Tamar go ahead with the lawsuit?

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