*“Watch What Happens Live” guests Sherri Shepherd and Kenya Moore took their beef from TV to Twitter following their appearance Sunday night.

After Kenya read a caller for mispronouncing her name as “Kendra,” Sherri suggested the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star overreacted, and might lose some fans if she continues to be so defensive towards them.

Sherri said: “Girl, I hope you don’t look up in 10 years and go, ‘Where are the people who I need to keep me…’”

“Same to you,” Kenya interrupted.

“Well I’ll always have my [fans]. Mine are fine,” Sherri responded. “Mine aren’t going anywhere.”

“Mine are fine, too,” said Kenya.

Watch that exchange below:

Of course, Kenya couldn’t let it go with just that.

The back and forth continued on Twitter, with Kenya firing first:

Shepherd clapped back: