marissa alexander

*Finally. Thank the Lord!

It took four years and a stretch of time behind bars, but Marissa Alexander‘s future is no longer looks like more time in lockdown. She’s reached a plea deal in her case.

The plea deal means she no longer faces the threat of a second trial nor the possibility of serving a 60-year-sentence if convicted of three counts of aggravated assault.

As far as the deal terms go, Alexander agreed to plead guilty to the three charges against her and serve three years in prison. But in reality, the sentence of “three years” will actually only be 65 days .

If you recall, back in 2010, Alexander was arrested after firing a gun in the direction of her allegedly abusive husband and his two sons.

Alexander became the focus of anti-domestic violence advocates, since she claimed the victim in the case, her estranged husband Rico Gray, was a serial abuser who attacked her first.

Alexander was convicted by a jury in 2012 of three counts of aggravated assault, but that conviction was overturned on appeal because of an error in jury instructions.

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