nelly-shantal-jackson*During Nelly‘s days with “Foolish” singer Ashanti, his relationship was a private matter. And that’s the way she wanted the relationship to be, according to Sister 2 Sister.

“Obviously, we had an agreement, but it just wasn’t my case to just keep that private like that,” he told Richmond’s 92.1 radio about his relationship with Ashanti.

Nowadays, he’s dating Shantel Jackson and is very open about their relationship — detailing the relationship on his show, “Nellyville.

“In this situation, it’s kind of hard to show everything that’s been going on without showing that side of it, too,” he said.

He said viewers will get to see their relationship grow. Also, fans will get to see Nelly as a father to two of his own, and his niece and nephew.

“There are a lot of fathers that are in their kids’ lives on a day to day basis,” he said. “I don’t want anybody to think that Nelly’s a one-man army.”

He added, ‘through that process, we’ve been able to maintain a great structure, and I’ve been able to make that thing happen.”

Listen to the interview with Paris Nicole below: