Porsha Williams: Wendy Williams Tears Down Black Women

*It’s no secret Porsha Williams and Wendy Williams do not like each other. Porsha has expressed how Wendy doesn’t uplift other black women.

Recently, Wendy said she doesn’t like to watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” because she hates watching trashy TV with black female leads.

Gary With Da Tea of “Dish Nation” at the 2014 Soul Train Awards asked, “So you’re not watching the Housewives anymore?” Wendy’s response, “no. I mean, I’ve lost interest. I have a different taste of TV watching.”

Although Porsha has been downgraded to only a friend of the housewives instead of a housewife herself, she had words for Wendy’s comments.

“I could totally see why Wendy Williams would hate watching Black women tear Black women down,” she said on “Dish Nation, “She has her own show to do that!”

Watch the interview below:

(Porsha Williams: Wendy Williams Tears Down Black Women)