Paul & Sharpton Meet to Discuss Common Objectives

Sen. Rand Paul & Rev. Al Sharpton

*They say politics make strange bedfellows and that expression was borne out today with a meeting of Rev. Al Sharpton, a Democrat, activist and confidante of the Obama White House and potential Republican presidential candidate, Senator Rad Paul.

The two, who are for the most part not on the same page politically, met to discuss something they have in common., criminal justice issues and more.

Here’s what Sharpton had to say about the meeting:

We talked about his position on dealing with some criminal justice issues that I am concerned about. We also discussed mandatory sentencing that he and Senator Cory Booker are proposing. We do not agree on executive action on the President, I agree and he does not. It was a very candid and courteous conversation. We pledged to continue to have such conversations where conservatives and progressives can have dialogue and break the log jam in American discussion.”

We can’t wait to see how Fox News spins this story. Also, what’s up with that pic (above) of Paul with his eyes closed while shaking hands with Sharpton. What’s that all about? Definitely not a good look.

rand paul & al sharpton

(Photos via Rev. Al Sharpton’s Instagram, @Real_Sharpton: Rev. Al Sharpton and Senator Rand Paul having breakfast in the senate dining room)

(Paul & Sharpton Meet to Discuss Common Objectives)