Shannon Kane Dishes on Lifetime’s 'Seasons of Love' and Her New Love

*Shannon Kane is the star of the Lifetime movie “Seasons of Love” – a film about what she calls “the trials and tribulations of love.”

The “Brooklyn’s Finest” actor portrays a woman named Imani who falls in love with Jarvis, a personal trainer. Imani gets ridiculed by her friends for “dating down” and deciding to spend more time with him.

“I used to go to the hottest spots and hang out with the in crowd and now I’m marrying this guy who’s a trainer,” she said.

Beloved songstress Gladys Knight also stars in this cable network flick that spotlights family values, something that Kane appreciates.

“A lot of us get caught up in different aspects of life and really forget what’s important. I think this is a great film to remind us of family values and following your heart when it comes to love regardless of people ridiculing,” Kane maintained.

When asked about her love life – she revealed that she became engaged about a month ago to Michael Klinger, an actor and personal trainer.

“We were talking about “Seasons of Love” and how life kind of took after art when it came to that,” the 2010 Capri International Film Festival award winner said with a chuckle.

Actor Taraji P. Henson is executive producer of the film and Kane made it clear that she was ecstatic to have worked with her.

“I think she’s very underrated. More and more people are being aware of her power. I think a lot of people don’t know that she’s one of my favorite actresses,” Kane said.

When she’s not making movies the beautiful actress likes to be outdoors – camping and horseback riding – as much as possible.

“I ride about 3 times a week. I actually studied under the great Obba Babatundé. He’s an actor, as you know, but he’s also been a horse whisperer for twenty years and a lot of people don’t know that about him. He’s been my mentor – and he’s been teaching me a lot not only about horses but the certain metaphors that cross over into life when it comes to the aspect of leadership.”

“Seasons of Love” premieres tonight at 9pm ET/PT.

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(Shannon Kane Dishes on Lifetime’s ‘Seasons of Love’ and Her New Love)