willow smith (screenshot)*Willow Smith is trying to stand tall… on her own and through breaking from showbiz!

The 14-year-old singer, actress and daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith dropped out of musical remake, Annie, while her brother Jaden Smith‘s career is still on the go.

It sounds like she just wants to be a kid for right now.

“I just wanted to chill, and be at home, and decompress, and just find out what I wanna do and where I stand on this planet, with the little tiny place we have,” the precocious teen told V magazine.

She did mention she wanted her career to be different than what’s expected out of her.

“I just feel like I want to do it different than the world’s ready for,” she said. “I’m enjoying just being independent and doing my own thing.”

According to Radar Online, her father wants everyone to know he didn’t push his daughter or her brother into show business. It was their choices, and he supported them.

“It may seem like we have pushed our kids into the business, but that is absolutely insane,” Smith insists. “I would never, ever, push somebody to have their face on a poster that’s going be everywhere in the world.”

It sounds like the Smiths will support their daughter’s choice to take a break and be a teenager finding herself.