*Taraji P. Henson is giving out more details about her upcoming Fox series “Empire” ahead of its Jan. 7 premiere.

“It’s about this dysfunctional family,” says the actress, who plays the ex-wife of a record label mogul (Terrence Howard) with a drug-dealing past.

“Lucious Lyons and Cookie Lyons, who were married, they birthed three sons. And it’s interesting because I look at it as a ‘Sopranos’ meets ‘Dynasty’ meets hip-hop. But it also has a little bit of ‘King Lear’ in it. You know, the three sons are pitted against each other to see who’s going to take over the empire.”


Below, Henson picks up from when her character gets out of prison, and explains why Cookie is pissed at everyone except for one of her sons.

“Empire” premieres Wednesday, Jan. 7 on Fox.

Watch a promo below.