*FOX is gearing up for the mid-season premiere of its new drama “Empire”…and it can’t some soon enough for star Terrence Howard.

The actor, who has a new son on the way with wife Miranda, is a perpetual presence on gossip blogs with his kaleidoscope of spousal support drama, domestic assault accusations, lawsuits and evictions.

In early 2015, attention will likely turn to his craft.


In “Empire,” Howard plays Lucious Lyon, a former gangster who now heads the biggest hip hop record label in the industry. After learning he has a disease that will leave him crippled and incapacitated in just three years, he looks to groom a successor in one of his three sons — without further disrupting his already fractured family.

“The premise is basically King Lear and the tragic tale of a father who has attained great wealth, great respect, great honor, has a family,” Howard told us. “His wife (Taraji P. Henson) has been separated from him for 17 odd years, the woman that helped him build his kingdom, his empire. He’s got two sons, Jamal and Andre, and then he has one son that’s not sure of his sexuality, that he won’t accept as his own.”

Below, Howard gives us more details about his character:

“Empire” is set to premiere sometime in early 2015 on FOX.

Watch the trailer below: