*Timbaland is still trying to recover from the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic that he never actually watched.

He believes the late singer’s story could be told again, even addressing rumors, such as her much talked about relationship with R. Kelly.

“We gotta tell the truth,” the producer told New York’s HOT 97. “That’s like my sister. So I’m gonna be honest with you. That’s really nothing, compared to what we know and the family. I was really close with her family.”

During the interview he also called out Wendy Williams for showing a “mockery” of what is supposed to be the late singer’s life story.

Timbaland, who was behind several of Aaliyah’s hits admitted that he did not know the full story of how Williams was involved with the film or to what extent. So he wanted to get all of the facts before fully unloading.

“Everybody keeps telling me to stop blaming Lifetime, but blame Wendy. I don’t wanna just diss this lady like that. I wanna know full details before I really, really go in,” he said. “Only thing I know that I can go in is, you’re showing a mockery on TV. That’s what really bothered me.”

Timbaland is the first of Aaliyah’s camp, including her family and his partner in crime, producer and rapper Missy Elliott, to speak out publicly about the film. But he said that his views represent those who were close to Aaliyah as a whole.

Listen to his comments below.